Train like a pro at TriCampAZ… consider kicking off next year’s winter training with a week in sunny Arizona.

While you are with us at TriCampAZ we will provide a structured training week aimed at triathletes working towards various distances. This week of training will provide the perfect springboard, both mentally and physically for your season.

Spending a week with us at TriCampAZ is your opportunity to focus 100% not only on your training, but also your recovery. As an age group athlete you rarely have the opportunity to truly focus on effectively recovering from your hard training sessions.

By partnering with Recovery Pump, you will utilise compression technology recovery boots to help circulate blood through your body at a much faster rate, allowing your body to flush out metabolic wastes from your muscles. This allows for rapid muscle recovery between workouts. Using the Recovery Boots after every workout allows you to start each workout with refreshed muscles and allows your fitness to increase incrementally.

Our focus on you as an athlete will be holistic, with presentations, lectures and Q&A sessions with experienced athletes and coaches on :

• Creating a Training Road Ma• Race Nutrition • Goal Setting

• Equipment Selection • Race Contingency Plans • Race Strategy

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