About Us

Our aim at TriCampAz is to  create an environment where athletes can work with experienced, passionate and qualified coaches who can structure their training in an environment that is wholly geared towards improving their performance.


Sports and Exercise Science Professional
3x Ironman Finisher
GB AG Athlete (Long Distance)
(ITU Championships Long Distance Duathlon / ITU Championships Middle Distance Triathlon)





4 x IronMan finisher
2×70.3 Worlds Qualifier
IMAZ ’12 10:16 (PR) 3rd
Kona ’13 10:33 30th
IMAZ ’13 10:21 3rd
IMMT ’14 10:37 6th
3 x Ultra 50miler
Marathon PR 3:14, multiple Boston qualifier

First and foremost, I love to help people set and achieve goals and recognise their untapped potential. I am a mom of three beautiful children and have been in the fitness industry since I graduated from BSU with a BS in Health Science Studies. I ran my first 10K at eight years old, was a collegiate runner then turned ultra runner and triathlete. I have completed a handful of ultras up to the 50miler distance and will complete my first 100miler in 2015. I am an Ironman World Champion Finisher and multiple World Champion qualifier at both the 70.3 and full distance.

My philosophy is to help learn how to get the most out your training while balancing the rest of the demands in your life. Be a busy parent of three, training, and running a business, I understand what it takes to fit it all in and still keep your sanity and feel well prepared for the event you are training for. I believe in creating individualised training plans and customizing it to your current fitness level while pushing you if you desire to work harder to become faster and more fit. A constant dialogue is necessary to ensure you are getting the most out of your training plan.

Finally, I am committed to helping you reach your goals no matter how small or big they are. In this process you will not only gain physically but mentally as well. I always say to enjoy the journey.

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